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For the sake of the forests

You who think this is a regional war, and will not be affected by this rape of the earth, are mistaken. You who live in the Midwest, in the cities, on the east coast who think this damage to the rainforests has nothing to do with you, are mistaken. This is not about saving a pretty place on the earth. It is about saving the future of North America.
by Hanora 11:46am Sun Aug 11 '02 (Modified on 3:52pm Sun Aug 11 '02)

We believe the fires in Southern Oregon were intentionally set to allow the corporate logging companies to cut down the forests of the west coast. We are in grave danger. We have seen this action before...when George Bush Sr. was here in the 1980's

My name is Hanora. I hide my true identity for safety purposes, not mine, by my community.

I have lived in Oregon for all my life. I lived in the deep forests until recently. I came to the city to try to wake the people up. My main community is the people who live in the mountains between the valleys and the oceans. These areas were once great rain forests. Most of the humans who live in these mountains and forests are considered to be poor. Many do not possess electricity, indoor plumbing, or good drinkable water. But we have a connection to the earth. We must trust the earth for our survival. So we listen and watch. I am writing this message from that connection with the earth.

We are in grave danger. The community people from Southern Oregon say that the big forest fires in Southwest Oregon were intentionally set. Some community people looked for the area where the fires were set and found the headwaters of the fire. They tried to get others to look at these areas and when they came back to the area, forest service and other law enforcement officers kept them out. Then the area was burned over again.

We believe that the fires were set to create a political climate in which the rainforests of the West Coast will be permanently destroyed.

Many community people, those close to the earth, and protectors of the earth, have been burned out of their homes. We have nothing to lose by posting this message to others who might be willing to wake up.

We have lived in the Oregon forests for a long time. Collectively we span 80 years. Our ancestors span many more years. We have a memory. What is happening in Oregon happened before. Please do not turn away from this message. Please listen to us. We have something grave to share with you. We also believe that in a short time the internet will be taken down and we will not be able to share with you anymore, except in person-to-person contact in our communities. So please do not excuse this message as some crackpot, lunatic fringe. We post this message with our courage, truth and peace.

In the 1980's the regime of George Bush, Sr. came to Oregon. During his reign of terror he was able to take down a quarter of the rain forests of Oregon and the West Coast. He was also able to corrupt the communities of Oregon so that we could not fight back. So deep was this corruption that even today whole communities are afraid of each other. He played old timers against new comers, and young against old, and old time farmers against new sustainable farmers. He told the logging families that the hippies in the woods were here to destroy them. He spread fear and then he helped corporate logging companies cut down millions of acres of forests, including old growth. The trees were cut into logs and sent overseas for cheap production. The local mills lay off workers and blamed the layoffs on environmentalists. The people were filled with fear of each other so they could not act to help each other. It was during this time that we lost our healthy drinking water. The clearcuts of the forests destroyed the streams and sources of drinking water. Many people fell into poverty. The scar is still present in all communities of Oregon. We are unorganized and unable to stop the present destruction of the forests.

You who think this is a regional war, and will not be affected by this rape of the earth, are mistaken. You who live in the Midwest, in the cities, on the east coast who think this damage to the rainforests has nothing to do with you, are mistaken. This is not about saving a pretty place on the earth. It is about saving the future of North America.


The coast range of British Columbia, Washington State, and Oregon is a rain forest that is vital to moisture throughout North America. The Pacific Ocean creates clouds from condensation. The clouds raise up onto the land mass just off the West Coast of North America, this is important...THE RAINFORESTS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST, CANADA, AND NORTHERN CALIFORINA SEED THE CLOUDS WITH MOISTURE! The clouds laden with moisture travel across the western states, deserts, valleys, then to the Midwest...the so-called breadbasket of the America, and dump their moisture. Without this moisture...without healthy rainforests, the middle part of America will dry up and burn up.

We in Oregon no longer expect people from other parts of North America to care about the rainforests for the sake of this region. But, if you knew that your own safety and future was at stake would you start to care?


George Bush Jr. is here. His armies of federal police, corporate lackeys, and mis-information media have us in a strangle hold. Already the corporate media is saying the big fires of Southwest Oregon were caused because environmentalist would not let corporate logging companies cut down the forests.

Already, the community people are being told that they need to move to the cities because it is not safe to live next to the forests...too much fire danger. They want us to move away so we will not report on what they are doing to the forests.

The logging companies and local arm of corporate media are spreading misinformation and hatred. Hatred and fear is once again being spread amongst the people so we cannot help each other.

We are asking you to help us. Rise up! Turn off those damn is a keep you asleep and immovable. Do not believe the lies. We are fast moving into a war culture that is on the move. Like a great crusade to steal the natural resources of each country of the planet, all economic, politica, and cultural resources are being diverted into war. Once it is over, there will be no food, or drinking water. Millions of humans, and an untold number of other species will be destroyed. Other humans will be sick from environmental degradation. There already is no healthcare for many in America and other countries to help those who are sick. The earth is losing its other communities. These plants, and animals and insects are vital to our survival. If you cannot love these communities for their own sake, for their beauty, peace and truth, love them because in them is locked YOUR survival.

This is the truth of my community. Will you now turn away and say we are lunatics? Do you have courage to find the truth for yourself and unhook from the addictions that pin you to inaction?

We believe in the near future there will be no internet. We believe that you will need to come out of your houses and away from you computers to talk to one on one. Are you up to it? Can you spread courage and peace? Will you even remember how to talk to each other.

I have to go now. I have a fire to fight. A fire that burns across the land and engulfs all that is peaceful, sustaining, and healthy.

Peace and courage to you Hanora




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