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U.S. Men don't need veils to keep women down.

Men in U.S. have come up with a subtle method of keeping women down. They don't need veils.
Men in the U.S. don't need to use veils to keep women down. They are more subtle with their abuse. They call women names like fat, pig, bitch, etc. to keep them down. And they make comments and leave notes (with mean words) or use certain numbers to let us know they are using the 1-10 code to judge us (and it's always negative rather than looking for our positives). They are very good at criticizing our looks (except when they wnt to use us or get some sex, then they pass out compliments if they think they can get something out of us). They will talk about pigs or some such subject if they are trying to tell us we are fat. Why do they concentrate on our looks so intensely? It's very infantile and so negative. Of course, when we look good (for about 2 months when we are in our 20s if we are born lucky), then we don't hear anything except we want sex or they stare. They never give compliments, just negatives. Why does everyone want to tell us how bad we are and not look at our positives? And why do they judge us and put numbers of us? We don't do that to little kids (yet) and say most are fat and ugly but a couple are worthy of our attention because they are attractive? Why do we do this to women? Beccause it's a way to make her feel bad and then control her, use her, give her low self esteem so she can't enjoy life and herself , so she is then dependent on any man that looks at her, so any slob or creep can use her for his own pleasure and women aren't allowed to pleasure. We are supposed to concentrate on how we look, and its' never good enough. They always put someone out there that is "better" than us. They do this to divide and conquer. It's all so silly just looking at what they do to keep us under their thumb! It's like they are in junion high school again (never left it). And the women are just as stupid to buy into it and rush to dye their hair, diet, and buy clothes and makeup because they are never good enough. What a con job. And the men they get after all this work are creeps anyway, pompous, self interested, ugly and creepy that usually beat them up anyway! For all their work, this is what women get. Evn other women do it to other women. You see it going on in the corporations, with women using numbers to let them know how they rate on the scale. How infantile! And they should be working.



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