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Shut Down the Capitalists in Cincinnati!

This is a piece of intel from the Cincinnati Walk for Capitalism listserve. It includes names of key capitalists, major points of their march route, and the broad outlines of their legal strategy.
From Sydney Kendall, Cincinnati Walk for Capitalism Coordinator:

I've just come home from my meeting with the Cincinnati Police Lt. in charge
of the Event Planning Unit. He was very helpful.

He took out a table-sized transparent plastic map of Cincinnati, with big
printing on it, and a green marker, and I told him what kinds of sites we'd
like to pass on our Walk route. We talked a bit more, and he told me that
on December first there will be a Bengals Football game at the stadium and
some other event elsewhere in the city. He had initially suggested we
include the future site of the "Freedom Center" - a museum commemorating the
"Underground Railroad" - but then he realized that's going to be in the
middle of football congestion. He said since Celebrate Capitalism is going
to be an annual event, we may as well leave some places for next year
anyway. " You probably won't want to be using the same route every year,"
he said.

How many people? I said from three to maybe 100 -- can't tell at this
point. No problem, he said, as long as we spread out long enough on the
sidewalks to not block pedestrian traffic and entrances to businesses.

He asked me whether we wanted to walk in the streets, or on the sidewalks,
and I said sidewalks, because I think it's more considerate and better PR
not to make drivers have to take detours -- and even more so if the city is
going to be congested with Bengals and other event traffic. He said as long
as we observe pedestrian rules, such as allowing enough room on the
sidewalks for other pedestrians, and stopping at red lights, we don't even
need a permit. If we decide we want to use the streets after all, or don't
want to have to stop for red lights, we'll need an escort officer, a permit,
and we'll need to pay the officer on an hourly basis, plus get a temporary
workman's comp. number which costs about fifty bucks.

I told him I think we'll be fine spreading out and observing the traffic
laws. If we have a bunch of people, we can break up at traffic lights, and
the front half of the parade can slow down so that the back half can hurry
to catch up, once they've cross the street.

Once all this was in order and I had told him what kinds of sites we want to
honor, including the police, law courts, and firemen, he took out his green
marker and drew out a lovely route that will take us past all of those
places and the police and firemen's memorials, as well as the company I
suggested, Procter&Gamble's main headquarters. We'll start at the symbol of
the City of Cincinnati, Fountain Square (where there's also a good parking
garage), and make a huge loop. It will be a good long walk.

I asked him if there are any places in the city that we should avoid, and he
took his green marker and drew a line along Cantral Parkway. "Don't go
north of Central Parkway," he said. "That's Over the Rhine, where all the
trouble has been."

So if we stay on the route he mapped out, we'll hit a lot of good places and
stay out of trouble, and we don't need a permit unless we want to legally
break traffic laws. When I know about how many people we're going to have,
he wants me to send him a letter telling him how many and from what time to
what time (and remind him of the route, I imagine) so that he can alert the
officers along the way to be aware of us and keep a lookout on our behalf.

I thanked him for his extreme helpfulness, and he said "That's what we're
here for!"

Now that I have the route, and know that I don't need a permit, I'm all set
to get down to the more imaginative part of my Celebration job!




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