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USA blocking UN document on human rights & disability

Disability leaders inside UN call for immediate help to demand that the USA government STOP blocking progress on important UN document on human rights & disability.
Disability leaders inside UN call for immediate help to demand that the USA government STOP blocking progress on important UN document on human rights & disability.

(HUMAN RIGHTS ACTION ALERT - 8 August 2002 - please re-distribute)

NEW YORK CITY: Disability leaders representing Non-Governmental Organizations inside the United Nations are calling for an emergency round of e-mails to the USA government to stop obstruction and delay on an important document on human rights and disability. All people are asked to participate.

The document -- called a "Convention on Disability and Human Rights" -- is in the very beginning of a process that was expected to take two to three years.

However, Janet Lord of the Landmine Survivors Network, one of the main international groups working for the document, reported the USA government's delegation is blocking progress. Along with several other disability leaders, she has called for an emergency e-mail campaign.

Said David Oaks, Director of Support Coalition International: "We are proud that a delegation of nine psychiatric survivors has been representing Support Coalition members for many days of meetings inside the UN. It is irresponsible and immoral for the USA government representative to try to ruin this international efforts. We support this call for action by Landmine Survivors Network and others. We ask the several thousand people on the MINDFREEDOM alert network to take civil action immediately!"


ACTION: *IMMEDIATE* e-mail to KATE GOROVE, the USA delegate in charge of negotiations, at <gorovekm (at)>.



"STOP the USA blockade of a Convention on Disability and Human Rights at the United Nations! Please respond!"

Your name/contact info:


BELOW is the urgent message from Janet Lord, received less than an hour ago, calling for the emergency e-mail campaign, along with other pressure on government leaders,
and signed by several disability leaders inside the UN.


Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 19:16:08 -0400
From: "Janet Lord" <janet (at)>


It is 7 pm and we are in the halls of the United Nations where informal negotiations about whether or not states will move forward to draft a treaty on the human rights of people with disabilities are taking place.

The United States, and a small number of Asian states, are blocking the call for a convention at this late hour. Mexico has asked the NGO community to generate pressure to save this process.

Please generate emails to your governments pressing for a resolution by the Ad Hoc Committee acknowledging the urgent need to draft a CONVENTION.

FOR AMERICAN DISABILITY GROUPS: Please send emails to the State Dept. and/or call (Powell, Armitage, William Wood in the Bureau of International Organization Affairs) and the White House AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AS THIS PROCESS CLOSES TOMORROW - FRIDAY. THE AMERICAN DELEGATE HERE IN CHARGE OF NEGOTIATIONS IS KATE GOROVE:

<gorovekm (at)>

Many thanks, Richard Light, Steve Estey, Janet Lord, Rosangela Berman-Beiler



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