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Michael Albert gives the ISO a boot in the ass

Excellent debate my Michael Albert from Z Magazine with Alan Maas from the ISO. Albert skillfully articulates the failures of Marxism and the agenda of the authoritarian ISO.

A timely debate on the failures of Marxism as an ideology for social change. Albert clearly articulates the problems with Marxism, and by default the authoritarian ISO, by carefully pointing out that an ideology primarily based upon economics that ignores the "coordinator class" favored by Marxists, is a dangerous proposition that leads to authoritarian states where politicians are replaced by a new hieararchy of coordinators (i.e. new boss same as the old).

For those who don't know, the ISO (the International Socialist Organization) is a cult-like authoritarian organization run primarily by university professors who recruit naive students to sell the ISO paper at political events.

see the debate:

for some humor on the ISO and other Leninists who attach themselves like leaches to popular movements, see:




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