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Forum - The People's Strike Against The World Bank/IMF

Join global justice activists and the anti-capitalist movement in a forum to discuss the upcoming People's Strike against the World Bank and the IMF in DC in September. Speakers will also discuss the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue coming to Chicago in November
Hear the spokesperson from the D.C. Anti-Capitalist Convergence discuss the ongoing organizing to fight the WOrld Bank and the IMF and shut down D.C. in September!

Saturday, August 10, 7PM
U.E. Hall, 36 S. Ashland

This forum will be a networking check-in, and organizing meeting for the global justice and anti-capitalist movements as we head into the next round of mobilizations this fall.

Speakers and Issues:

D.C. Anti-Capitalist Convergence on the People's Strike against the World Bank and the IMF.

The Trans-Atlantic Business Dilogue Welcoming Committee on the upcoming TABD meetings schedualed for Chicago in November.

As corporate America falls into chaos and an impending war against the people of Iraq loom before us, the movement that slapped the corporate elites needs to resurface and reassert itself. Come to enguage yourself and you group in the struggle against the rich and thir designs.


For questions on the forum, or to plug into the D.C. and/or Chicago mobilizations, contact the Chicago Direct Action Network!

ChicagoDAN (at)



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