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Pacifica Radio Hijackers& Anti-Union/Health Firm EBG Threaten Listener Campaigns

Audio of excellent KPFA report, including interviews, covering: Pacifica thieves employ Board member John Murdock's anti-worker/labor/health firm of Epstein Becker & Green (EB&G) to threaten listener's campaigns to reclaim the Network; California Legislators sign letter to Pacifica Board; Actions continue in CA to bring and end to the Hijackers. 8 minutes.
Pacifica Board Hijackers utilize the union and health care busting law firm of Epstein Becker & Green to threaten legal action against two organizations seeking to return the Network to it's founder's mission i.e., prevent the sale or further "conversation" of stations, democratize the Board, end the banning, firings and harassment of staffers and volunteers, end the repression of free-speech, end other misuse of listener's contributions). EG&B lawyer John Murdock is also a Pacifica Board member, and is re-writing the Bylaws.

California Legislators sign letter to Pacifica Board. Actions continuing in California to investigate the financial shenanigans and attempts at changes in Bylaws by the hijacking Board.

Please listen and *spread* to other listeners, and people concerned with free-speech radio.


Action: Do not pledge to Pacifica or any of the Stations, until the Board resigns. If you did pledge, and you send in money, your contribution may wind up in EB&G's coffers.



National Campaign To Oust The Thieving Pacifica Board And Democratize Pacifica

Outstanding background on the national struggle. Names and addresses of Pacifica national board members.

Read about 3 suits against Pacifica national. Address here for contributions.

Excellent Pacifica background, as well as audio and text archives of many WBAI shows since the take-over.

Coalition for a democratic Pacifica New York - WBAI Listener Network -





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