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The International Socialist Organization is sponsoring an upcoming meeting of socialists and activists from around the Midwest, on March 17,2001 at UIC. There will be sessions and workshops on Abortion Rights, Palestinian Liberation, Was it Right to Vote for Nader?, The FTAA, Gloablization and Cross-Border Solidarity...
"Tell Bush We Won’t Go Back!"

Sessions on: Abortion Rights Under Attack, Palestinian Liberation, Was it
Right to Vote for Nader?, How Can We Save the Environment?, The FTAA,
Globalization and Cross-Border Solidarity, Why We Need a Socialist
Alternative, Racism and Civil Rights, Recession and Class Struggle, Unite the
Fight to Beat Back Bush!

11am The End of the "Miracle Economy" and the beginning of Bush:
Today, fat cats live the high life while workers live in fear that they’ll be
the next victims when the layoff axe falls. For anyone who has ever felt
fury with the blind greed of the rich, anger at a broken down healthcare
system and horror at a world of poverty, war and environmental destruction,
socialists make a case for how to build an alternative.
Lee Sustar explains how working people can organize their power to fight
for a better world.


Abortion Rights Under Attack
One of Bush’s first acts as president was to end US aid to women seeking
abortion abroad, and his administration threatens continued attacks on
women’s right to choose. Kirsten Roberts discusses how abortion rights were
won before and what kind of movement is needed for women to win genuine
rights to control their own bodies.

How Can We Save the Environment?
Corporate greed is destroying the environment. Yet our government and
corporations refuse to even the most modest steps toward easing global
warming and ensuring the safe disposal of toxic wastes. Sherry Wolf looks at
what we can do to stop the ruin of our planet.

Globalization, the FTAA and Cross-Border Solidarity
The global free market was supposed to bring us wider choices and rising
living standards. Instead, it brought a bonanza for big shareholders and a
race to the bottom for workers around the world. How can the movement that
exploded onto the scene in the 1999 Seattle protests build the kind of
solidarity needed to defend us from global free trade? Katherine Dwyer takes
a look.

Racism and Civil Rights
Thirty-five years after the Voting Rights Act, Blacks were denied their vote
in many parts of the country in election 2000. But mass marches against the
racist Confederate flag and for affirmative action show a growing sentiment
to organize resistance. Why does racism still exist? What lessons can we
draw from the last civil rights movement to build a fightback against racism
today? Keeanga Taylor explains.

Recession and Class Struggle
After ten years of an economic boom for the rich, the economy appears headed
for a recession. Workers are now facing layoffs, speedups and gutted
benefits. But workers still have the power to oppose corporate greed and win
a better share of the wealth they have created. Joe Allen reviews the great
battles of the 1930s Depression and discusses strategies for workers to fight
back and win -- even during an economic downturn.

Was it Right to Vote for Nader?
Ralph Nader’s campaign provided a real electoral alternative for people
disgusted with corporate greed. Yet many liberals now blame him for Gore’s
defeat and the rise of Bush. Was it right to vote for Nader? What can his
supporters do now in the face of a right-wing victory? Alex Taylor explains.

Palestinian Liberation After the "Peace Process"
The current Palestinian uprising marks the end of the "peace process" as we
knew it. Almost 400 Palestinians have been killed, thousands have been
wounded and millions are denied the right to return to their homeland. Lance
Selfa examines the roots of the crisis and the role the US government plays
in escalating hostilities.

4pm Panel of Leading Activists
First George W. Bush stole the White House. Now he’s trying to turn back the
clock on the rights of women, Blacks and gays. His administration wants to
hand the environment over to corporations and take money away from public
We need to build a united fightback to stop Bush and his right-wing
agenda. Come hear activists from different struggles discuss how we can
unite and send a message to Bush: We won’t go back!

(Conference Registration: 10:30am)

Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization
Contact your local ISO branch, or call the Chicago organizers at 773 665
7337, or e-mail midsoc17 (at)

Place: University of Illinois at Chicago, 750 S. Halsted. Near the
Halsted-UIC stop on the Blue Line.

Registration is at 10:30am in the UIC Circle Center -- Halsted entrance. For
more information, contact your local ISO branch.

Housing is available for Friday and/or Saturday night. Contact your local
ISO branch to make arrangements.

Free On-Site Child Care is available. Please contact your local ISO branch
in advance, or call 773 665 7337. Let us know the ages of your children and
their special needs.


10:30 Registration

11:00 Why We Need a Socialist Alternative

2:00 Abortion Rights Under Attack

How Can We Save the Environment?

Globalization, the FTAA and Cross-Border Solidarity

Racism and Civil Rights

Recession and Class Struggle

Was it Right to Vote for Nader?

Palestinian Liberation After the "Peace Process"

4:00 Unite the Fight to Beat Back Bush!




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