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3 events THIS WEEK: Dead Anarchists I Have Known Slide show and more...

-- event number 1 ---Dead Anarchists I Have Known Slide show and more...
--- event number 2 --- A-ZONE reopens Open House of the new A-Zone.
--- event number 3 ---!!!DIABLO CHILI COOK OFF!!!
--- event number 1 ---
Dead Anarchists I Have Known Slide show and more...

at Harold Washington Library Video Theater,
lower level. 400 S. State
Sponsored by the A-Zone, Arsenal Magazine, Society in Focus.

Provocative and political, "Dead Anarchists," is a slide presentation and lecture that covers the lives and deaths of well- and lesser-known anarchists and the adventures in research experienced by the historian/presenter.
Robert Helms, anarchist historian, is an active member of Philadelphia's anarchist community. He is a longtime organizer with the Industrial Workers of the world and a founder of the Voltairne DeClyre* Lecture Series. Research for his Anarchist Book of the Dead project has taken Bob to
cemeteries, public and private libraries, municipal and hospital record, old publications and distant relations in search of anarchists and their stories. Some of that research had been edited and is part of the show, "Dead Anarchists I Have Known".
Bob is also the editor of Guinea Pig Zero, a trade zine for drug test subjects and finalist for an Utne Reader award.
*Votairine DeClyre was a Philadelphia anarchist who eventually moved to Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood and is buried at Waldheim Cemetery near the Haymarket Memorial.

--- event number 2 ---
A-ZONE reopens with...
an Open House, Dead Anarchists
and a Social... Tea and tidbits to eat,
a slide show presentation and tour of the new A-Zone.

at the Autonomous Zone,
3204 W. Division, right off Kedzie.
Call 773-276-1159 for information.

--- event number 3 ---
A benefit for Matches & Mayhem

at the PRCC.1671 N. Claremont Ave.

Bring a pot of vegetarian chili and $1
and challenge the taste buds of a panel of judges,
or pay $5 at door for an "all the fire
you can swallow" chili dinner.
Prizes for winner.
Contact 773-394-0062 for more info



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