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The Palestinian Lie, Part 2

No matter how many suicide bombings, Israel with never cease to exist.
The current Palestinian cause is an interesting mix of double-standards and lies.

For starters, the killing of Palestinians by Israeli military reprisals is often labelled "genocide" or "repression" by the Palestinian Authority or their left-wing supporters in the academic community (who would gladly lend their sympathy to any two-bit gunman with a purported cause for "liberation".

The killing of Israeli civilians is "martyrdom". This is, to the Arab world, totally acceptable.

It's interesting that an aspiring journalist here at Indymedia would point out to us that the Israeli army is allegedly blindfolding and mistreating Palestinian teenagers.
Truth is, this is much better treatment than they receive from their parents and teachers in the Palestinian community, who send them to death in suicide bombings against civilians.

And so the US is biased against the Arab world. Should we not be? Thirty years of terrorism against the US (starting with the bombing of the US Embassy in Beirut) certainly underscores the deep-rooted intentions and ideology of many in the Arab world. We should consider the the Arab world at large with suspicion, and prepare for years of hostility, if not conflict. This is the gratitude the US gets for saving the entire Arabian peninsula for dictatorship under Saddam Hussein.

The Saudis, in particular, have taken the extra messure of gratitude, by turning loose their greatest criminals on the world (rather than dealing with them, as anyone with a spine would do), allowing them to attack on September 11.

[All this while Palestinians happily cheered in the streets, on Sept 11]

What the Palestinians and their supporters must understand is, that no matter how many flags you burn, no matter how many times you publicly shout "Death to America" or "Death to Israel", no matter how many suicide bombings or calls for martyrdom you put forth, no matter how many laughably crude effegies of Bush and Sharon you build and burn in public...

Israel with never cease to exist. The Palestinian people can have their own state in the near future, or 300 years from now. In the meantime, Israel will continue to do what it needs to protect itself, however spotty and unsuccessful. With every bombing you set back your own future, and invite retailiation tenfold.

Pressing their luck, the Palestinians may find themselves on the East Bank of the Jordan some day.



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