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International Day for Peace/Human Rights

proposal of day of awareness, protest, etc. of conflict and human rights violations around the world...
Hi All: posting this for Shabtai who can't be everywhere at once...LOL.... please consider what you can do.... this day would be for all of our brothers and sisters who are suffering in this world due to war, and other situations which take away their rights and cause them to live in inhuman conditions.... (Jen - Texas/US)
wadefamily (at)

We plan on having an International day celebrating and stressing Human Rights and Peace. This is important especially due to the situation in Israel/Palestine, which is were this idea is coming from.
Anyone who would like to get involved can contact me! (inhalin (at)
One of the current ideas is that some of the members will hunger strike for the day to show that until all Palestinians, and other people who suffer, like those in war-torn areas of Africa, have enough to eat each day, we won't be quiet.
We hope that soon enough we will have solid enough plans to release exact information, including the date.
Thanks to all those who help!



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