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Advertise on the NPR Building

They can't be a call to action ("Buy Mrs. Murphy's Tonic. It Cures What Ails Ya!") and they should be in good taste (e.g., no underwear ads). You get the idea…
The appearance of a billboard on the outside of the National Public Radio building signals that NPR's use of the airwaves as a corporate information conduit may not be enough to sustain it.

Responding to complaints about "selling out to the billboard industry" and concerns about "billboard blight," NPR Ombudsman Jeffrey A. Dvorkin says: "More important is not what's on the building, but what's inside it. So far, NPR's value as a provider of high quality news, information and cultural programming seems undiminished."

"The money has to come from member station dues as well as from various outside sources. A billboard ad from the National Gallery of Art seems to be a reasonable choice," Mr. Dovrkin said.

NPR Executive Vice President, Ken Stern, is less specific about who is a "reasonable choice" for NPR to promote on the building's wall.

He says that the same terms and conditions for accepting on air credits apply to the any billboards.

Perhaps Mr. Dvorkin would like to comment on whether or not he thinks on air "sponser" and human rights abuser Sedexo-Marriott is a "reasonable choice" for billboard advertising.

The billboard is located on a six story brick wall that can been seen for miles.





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