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Police Attack Tenants of Robert Taylor Homes

On the evening of July 25, police from the historically white community of Bridgeport beat and arrested a number of residents for 4429 S. Federal - a Chicago Public Housing Authority building in the Robert Taylor Homes, and defaced the building walkways with racist graffitti.
They also wrote "These are animals" and "Animal Kingdom" on
the walls of the building walkways. These slogans, and
other racist graffitti have been written in the halways of
buildings in this block of Robert Taylor by police in the

Bridgeport, childhood home of Mayor Richard Daley, has been
the site of a number of racist attacks against Black
people. It is also one of the locations being given by the
Chicago Housing Authority as a re-location site for tenants
of Robert Taylor Homes as that development is demolished in
CHA's transformation Plan.

Especially targeted for beating was Clarence Davis, a young
man who has made a point of "observing the police in the
performance of their duties" -- the legal term for what has
more popularly become know as "cop-watch". This is the
second time he has been beaten by the police in 2002 for
this activity.

Four other young men were also beaten and arrested.

Monday, at 3:30 pm these young men, along with Clarence,
other community members, and activists in the struggle
against police brutality will hold a press conference to
spotlight this issue.

When: Monday, July 29, 3:30 PM
Where: 4429 S. Federal.

For more information contact Beauty Turner at 773/580-5461



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