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Genetic Engineering discussion/debate at Northwestern University

The NW student group Seed will host a discussion/debate with nationl and local experts addressing the controversial issues of genetic engineering in food and agriculture.
Audience question/answer period included. The event will start at 7pm at the Norris University Center, Northwestern University. (VIDEOGRAHPHERS NEEDED! call 847.332.8682)
There are environmental and societal risks and benefits to the use of genetically modified organisms in food production; discussion will reflect on and highlight the issues at stake in this little discussed controversy which mainstream media has all but ignored in this country.
Panelists include:

Percy Schemeiser, a Canadian farmer who was sued by Monsanto for "growing" Round-up Ready canola that drifted onto his fields.

Rosetta Newsome from the Institute for Food Technologies,
whose organization has compiled a report about the use of GM foods in food and agriculture.

Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, public health expert on rBGH and the health effects of genetically engineered foods.

Other panelists, and panelist from the industry will be present as well.



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