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Boeing, Boeing, Gone!

What's our beef with Boeing?

Participate at upcoming vigils, contact Voices in the Wilderness-773-784-8065 or Illinois Peace Action-312-566-9780

Drummers, speakers, handbill distributors, and activists needed.
Boeing, what's our problem with them? We did not invite them to Chicago, Daley and Arthur Andersen kissed their tail and gave them tax free property for 20 years! Their image was supposed to bring revenue and high profile business folks to the windy city. They certainly didn't bring more jobs to Chicago.

Panicked about commercial losses since September 11th, Boeing has fired 39,000 workers, while military production is increased and expedited with the aid of Congressional bailout funds (ATRC 12/17/01).

Not only do they make commercial arliners, they also make weapons of mass destruction! Boeing, tailoring their manufacturing to defense and military contracts since 1917. (

Because it is the largest U.S. exporter of weapons. Boeing sells JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munitions), ordnance systems and weaponry, and cruise missiles to over 25 countries around the world.

Boeing has delivered "over 130,000 military aircraft and 8,700 missiles to the US government and international customers…including the Philippines, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Kuwait, Israel, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Singapore, Spain, Argentina, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brazil, South Korea and the UAE."

Boeing's JDAMs are used against Palestinian civilians by Israel, in Afghanistan by the US, and have received recent attention for causing the deaths of US service personnel and civilians when they have "malfunctioned."

Boeing markets its weapons for their "reliability, affordability, and lethality."(

Recently, the theme of independence has been prevalent. On Independence Day, people all across the country celebrated with fanfare, flags waving, parades and fireworks. Today we invite you to reflect on the simple notion of "independence"-not only what it means to you but what it might mean for people who may have less: people who are less privileged because of their sex, the color of their skin or their economic class.

We ask you to reflect on how much independence any of us has when multinational corporations and the legislators lobby so successfully. Why do "they" make decisions that bring negative consequences upon people all around the world and here at home? Why do we live in a culture that celebrates economic boom, so-called job security and profit above dignity for all? Why do politicians and the media push us to believe we are really free, and bombs secure our freedom, even as those same bombs kill and maim other human beings?

11 million American children under age 18 have no health insurance-the largest number ever reported by the Census Bureau. (Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities)

Over 40 million Americans don't haveany health insurance whatsoever. An additional 29 million are estimated to be under-insured. (Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities)

Despite continued signs that the U.S. economic recovery is on track, corporate America has been pretty reluctant to ramp up its hiring in the past several months. (

$396.1 billion - Military budget request for FY 2003 (Budget Authority) a $45.3 billion increase from FY 2002 (Council for a Livable World) while education only receives a fraction of that, $50 billion (Education Week).



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