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The reality is- PRIDE ISN'T REAL

Let love inspire.

It is humility, alone, that measures maturity.

Truly, truly, truly, there are no countries and by continuing to acknowledge this illusion Heaven-on-Earth is inhibited.

Turn away from pride, at all costs.

It is pride that births fear and anger.

It is the thought that there is justification in the use of deadly force that allows people to think that they can do things that others would think that 'use of deadly force' would be justified (A.K.A. the thought that one can kill to protect allows the thought that one can kill to gain). 'Turning the other cheek' is not just a good theological idea, it is the responsibility of maturity.

Know this as the true gospel- pride has been revealed for what it is- an illusion, that, if believed in, births insanity.

There is no pride, and with it gone Babylon is fallen.

Babylon is fallen.

Let love inspire- this is the suggestion that replaces all commandment- let love inspire.

in the all of love,


David Arthur Johnston
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