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INTERNT'L Women's Day Conference SAT MARCH 10 at DePaul Center

Saturday, March 10, 9am-6pm
DePaul Center - 1 E. Jackson Blvd., 8th Floor
Workshops... Discussions... Organization/Book Fair... Videos... and More!
IWD-2001-Chicago (Please forward to interested women)
Saturday, March 10, 9am-6pm
DePaul Center - 1 E. Jackson Blvd., 8th Floor

Workshops... Discussions... Organization/Book Fair... Videos... and More!

In commemoration of International Women's Day, the IWD-2001-Chicago Conference has been organized to call attention to the collective power of women. The Bush administration has already begun its assault on women's hard-won rights, making it more urgent than ever for us to come together to discuss the road ahead in 2001. In an increasingly "globalized" economy, how will we as women resist within and transform the multiple worlds we inhabit? This conference will provide a forum for Chicago-area women to connect, strategize and share information with each other. We aim to make this conference a new beginning for perspectives on how to change the conditions of our lives and world. Join us for an exciting day of workshops, discussions, videos, an organization-book fair, poetry, art, music & more!

Endorsers/sponsors/participating organizations:
CO-SPONSORS: Affinity, Autonomous Zone, Chicago NOW, Chicago Queer Commission of DSA, DePaul Women's Center, News & Letters, Not in My Name, Rape Victims Advocates, and Womyn's Radical Self-Help Network; ENDORSERS: African American Women Evolving, Chicago Abortion Fund, Chicago Legal Aid To
Incarcerated Mothers, Women's International Information Project; OTHER PARTICIPATING ORGANIZATION: Advocates for Prostituted Women and Girls, American Friends Service Committee, Amnesty International, Anti-Defamation League, Apna Ghar, Campaign For Labor Rights, Chiapas Media Project, Chicago Women's AIDS Project, Girls Unidas, Horizons, KanWin, Lesbian Community Cancer Project, Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, Metro YWCA, Mujeres Latinas, Neopolitan Lighthouse, People for Community Recovery, Project Hope

Some of the many exciting workshops:
Reproductive Freedom Nationally and Internationally; Women Fighting Back Against the Criminal Injustice System; Prostituted Women Nationally and Internationally; Black Women Fighting Racism Within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Liberation Movements; Environmental Justice: Women Fighting Toxic Racism in Chicago; Women and Homelessness: Welfare "Reform" and the Criminal Injustice System; Global Struggles of Women Against Sweatshops; Globalization: Economic Effects on Women Nationally and Internationally; Impact of Sexual Assault on our Communities; The Many Faces of Domestic Violence; Hate Crimes: What you Need to Know; Sex for Women; Finding Alternatives: Girls Surviving Gang Activity and Teen Pregnancy; Sage Femme: Fertility Awareness, Natural Birth Control, Safe Herbal Menagogues, Emergency Contraception, and Wellness Management; Feminism and Theories of Liberation; Israeli and Palestinian Women Uniting for a Just Peace; The Politics of Women's Health Care Today; Women's International Struggles in Opposition to Globalization...

Organization/Book Fair:
Spaces are available for groups and projects for $15. Co-sponsorship of this event for groups and projects is $30 (includes a space at the organization/book fair). All will be listed in the program for the day.

For information:
Call Jennifer 312/805-1503, Sonia 773/728-1969, OR email the
IWD-2001planning committee at: IWD2001Chicago (at)
Let us know if your organization wants to to endorse or co-sponsor and participate!

Your Input, Ideas, Skills,
and Participation Are Welcomed!
Add Your Voice:
Planning meetings are held every Wed. at 6:30pm until the conference at Chicago NOW — 200 N. Michigan, Suite 400



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