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Letter to StreetWise Answered by Board Memeber Bob Szafranski

A letter to a board member that actually resulted in a reply from the board member. Maybe there is hope--Patrick Chee (posting for Bob Bossie)

>>> "Bob Bossie" <Bob_Bossie (at)> 02/13/01 10:17AM >>>
Dear Board of Directors of Streetwise,

I have been a regular customer of Streetwise for many years. I am appreciative of the
content and format of the paper, but I am especially conscious that it is an alternative
publication that both presents difficult issues from the side of those most affected AND
provides a sense of respect and well being for the vendors. I am proud to be associated
with the paper for these reasons.

I have been following the question of Mr. Oliver's management since questions were raised
by the staff. It seems encumbant upon you as policy makers for the paper to pay close
attention to the dissatisfaction that the staff is expressing with Mr. Oliver's
management. Most egregious are the charges made by the staff that he censored their
expressions in the latest edition of the paper. Something is seriously wrong and it
seems difficult to suggest that all members of the staff are conspiring against Mr.

A close and unbiased examination of the staff's charges must be your first course of
action. Otherwise, Streetwise will become just another corporate focused enterprise. We
will all be diminished if that occurs.


Rev. Robert Bossie, SCJ
bossie (at)

----Reply from Bob Szafranski-----------------

Thank you for your interest in StreetWise. The board of directors and Anthony Oliver are taking these issues very seriously and we are working diligently to resolve this situation.


Bob Szafranski
StreetWise Board Member



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