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Trafficant was set up.

Trafficant was set up. All our politicians are corrupt, so what else is new. But they went after Trafficant. Why?
What has Trafficant been talking about lately? Since our politicians are all corrupt (how do you think they got there?), why are they picking on Trafficant? See Linda Kennedy (former lawyer, they disbarred her for being too honest). She says Trafficant was exposing the corruption in Ohio, and was set up. In Soviet Russia, they went after the honest people, and left the corrupt ones alone, because you can control corrupt people. You cant control a honest person. Looks like evil is now in control in America. If you are a good bootlicker you will be okay though. If you are a criminal, you will be okay though. If youre not in prison or in their system, you are probably one of them right now., You are good bootlickers for the State. As if the government has ever been good in the history of mankind.



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