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Victimized UPS Worker - Please Make Calls!!

WHAT'S HAPPENING: On June 21st, in the middle of contract negotiations, United Parcel Service in Williston, Vermont fired Dawn Stanger for the crime of "stealing one minute."
She was targeted for the rank & file union newsletter "UPS Yours" and other rank and file activism. UPS last
week pushed her grievance hearing off until mid-August. NOW is the time to support union activism by supporting Dawn! There's something you can do to help:
From Monday, July 22nd to Friday, July 26th 5am to 9am (or anytime that week) Call UPS: Call during Dawn's shift to
speak up about UPS's unfairness.
Tell UPS you'll telephone again and again until Dawn
is reinstated with full back pay and benefits. Tell them to stop retaliating against workers for their concerted action in defense of workers' rights and interests. UPS Teamsters have the right to free speech. Workers have rights! Express your outrage.
For Dawn's UPS center - (802) 879-6237, or 879-7146
Nationally - 1-800-PICK-UPS Tell 'Big Brown' to BACK DOWN!
(Please forward this idea like crazy to active
friends) Also, we're looking for friends willing to leaflet Mailboxes Etc. (UPS owned) and other UPS shippers - call (802) 863-2345 x.8 for info and copies.



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