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BTL:International AIDS Conference in Barcelona Proposes Strategies for...

...Prevention and Treatment, But Lack of Funds Prevents Implementation. Interview with Julie Davids, director of ACT-UP Philadelphia, by Scott Harris.
International AIDS Conference in Barcelona Proposes Strategies for Prevention and Treatment, But Lack of Funds Prevents Implementation

Interview with Julie Davids, director of ACT-UP Philadelphia, by Scott Harris

As the AIDS epidemic continues to spread around the world, more than 17,000 people engaged in battling the disease gathered in Barcelona, Spain for the 14th International AIDS Conference in July. Among the critical issues discussed there by doctors, researchers, activists and government officials was the urgent need to develop more effective prevention programs and making life-saving drugs available to treat millions of those infected in impoverished nations.

Since the first cases of AIDS appeared in 1981, more than 20 million people have died from the disease. But most of the 40 million people who are currently living with the HIV virus will die without receiving specialized drugs now effectively used in the world's wealthy countries. Both former South African President Nelson Mandela and U.S. president Bill Clinton addressed the conference. In a rare admission Mr. Clinton stated in an interview at the conference that he regretted not doing more to control the spread of AIDS while he was in the White House.

Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Julie Davids director of the Philadelphia chapter of ACT-UP, the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power and member of the HealthGAP Coalition, who attended the Barcelona Conference. She examines some of the critical issues discussed at the gathering and describes a protest against Bush administration policies directed at Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson who tried to speak to those meeting in Barcelona.

Contact the HEALTHGAP Coalition by calling (215) 474- 9329 or visit their Web site at:

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