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Napster on thin ice

Federal appeals court rules digital audio swapping web site, "by its conduct, knowingly encourages and assists" the infringement of copyrigh violation. "The district court correctly recognized that a preliminary injunction against Napster's participation in copyright infringement is not only warranted but required," the court ruled.
"We believe, however, that the scope of the injunction needs modification in light of our opinion," the court said. Full court ruling at Other Napster court case resources: Biographies of appeals judges: e37/d5d2debb8da23310882569ef0002c4d4?OpenDocument Napster district court decision: Last-minute downloading frenzy:,1367,41745,00.html Napster use prompts free ISP to charge: -30- Thanks to Declan McCullaghfor gathering the information above and George Lessard for distribuing it through his Media Mentor list serve.



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