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S-26 Solidarity Actions around the World

IMC Prague reports on S-26 solidarity actions around the globe.
IMC-Prague reports that stories have been posted about
S-26 solidarity actions during this international day of action in the following cities:

San Francisco, Los Angeles, Berkely, Seattle, Tacoma
Portland - Rail Shutdown, Boulder, Denver, Boise,
New York, Gainsville, Tuscon, Chicago, New Brunswick, Providence, Boston, Hartford, Washington DC, Pittsburg, Buffalo, Hadley, Duluth, Toronto, Montreal, Belo Horizonte, Geneva, Stavanger, Wroclaw, Madrid, Bristol, UK, Lisbon, Tel-Aviv, Stockholm, Netherlands, Dakka - Bangladesh, Upsalla - Sweden, Sydney, Kiev, Moscow, Mumbia - India, Melbourne, ... with more to follow.

For up to the minute reports on the latest events in Prague, visit IMC Praha at

Don't believe the hype - bypass the corporate media machine - take control - make up your own mind. In September people attending the events will have the opportunity to contribute to this site - if you choose to stay at home, and not take part, then don't just passively consume the media spectacle, check out IMC Prague and get the real picture as the events unfold.

9/20 - San Francisco - Media
9/26 - Prague - IMF
10/3 - Boston - US Debates

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