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plot to destroy the good for being good?

is this terrorist thing a plot to destroy the only country in humankind's history that is good?
Ayn Rand says people trained in the philosophy of altruism like to destroy the good for being good because they are envious. So maybe what we have going is a conspiracy for the jealous ones, the little minds, to destroy our beautiful government (the only one based on reason and Aristotle's philosophy - the only time this has happened in the history of humankind). Maybe the jealous, little minds are pushing our people to a revolution against our government? Then they can make us as miserable and small-minded as they are! We have to keep our Constitution and Bill of Rights, documents based on reason and rule of law, not rule of man! We should not believe their lies, about evil business and free market, the only system man has found that doesn't use force to get people to do something! What can be wrong with a system that does not use force to get what everyone wants?! Use your common sense, people! Our founding fathers were geniuses, so let's not destroy the good for being good!



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