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26th Annual Community Radio Conference

In a time of massive media mergers, satellite and internet radio, and the commodification of almost everything, commmunity radio stands in a unique position. Independent, local and rooted in community, community radio is connected, reflective, accessible, human.

To survive and grow stronger in this next period of time, community radio must solidify its position in the hearts and minds of its listeners. The 26th Annual Community Radio Conference will focus on the many
ways to accomplish this.
We will have three plenaries:

v Jude Kaye will speak on Managing Change: how as people and as managers we can learn to plan for change, move ourselves and our stations through it, and channel the chaos into creativity

v Norman Jayo will speak on community radio, community resources, and the potential of broadband

v Amy Goodman and AMARC will speak on the role of independent media in promoting democracy

We will have six workshop tracks, with answers to legal questions, help for managers, ideas for program directors, tools for development personnel, resources and skills for news and public affairs people, advice for program producers.

We will have an entire track devoted to new media, and how community radio can take advantage of new technologies.

We will have a National Youth in Radio Training Project taking place concurrently, an opportunity for the current and the next generations of community radio people to meet and learn from each other.

We will have affiliates meetings, round table discussions, listening sessions, lots of exhibitors, many opportunities to meet old friends and make new connections. We will have fabulous and fun receptions on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and the Golden Reel Awards lunch on Saturday. On Saturday night, host station KBBF will transport us (literally) to the wine country for food, music, wine and entertainment. To guarantee space on the bus and help KBBF with their planning, you must make a reservation for this event on the registration form.

Native American stations will meet all day on Wednesday and Latino stations will meet Wednesday afternoon. There will be a breakfast breakout for rural stations on Friday morning

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