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Hate and sexual harassment at the Chicago Bulk Mail Center

Because of $25,000.00 forced back pay by the federal gov,t,
for 2 yrs I was subjected to hate and practally attempted murder at the U.S. Postal Service

I was a very good and popular worker at the Chicago Bulk
Mail Center, Forest park Illinois for 7 yrs.

I was wrongfully removed from 10/83 to 4/85 on deadly
seriuous false criminal chages. [framed by the Schaumburg
Police] upon my return the administration "TRIED" to
cheat me out of $25,000.00 back pay.

The federal Gov,t intimidated them into paying much deserved compensation.

The next 2 yrs [4/85 to 4/87 I was subjected to unbelieve-
able hate and harassment by 2 of my supervisors.

They would give me assaignments to get me crippled or killed.
1 supervisor threatened violence if I didn,t get down on my hands and knees and suck his penis!!

I,am a good worker and and a moral person and could have had 2 of the supervisors shot to death.

In 4/87 I was wrongfully removed for the 6th time.

I,am an energetic worker and deserve my job back at the
Postal Service.

Willis Earl Wilson former U S M C



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