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Real life " The ShawShank Redemption "

High level criminal coverup for 18 yrs........ false
imprisonment,kidnaping,Rape and Murder of young women
in the Chicago suburbs
I,am Willis Earl Wilson,55,veteran of the U S M C, steel
fabricator,kid next door,all american boy.

From 10/83 to 4/85 I was blatantly and outrageously framed
[ Rigged to the hilt police lineup ] by over zealous veteran police officers from Schaumburg In connection to a series of sexual ssaults and Murders going back to the 1970,s.

I carried the ball and exonerated myself in a week long
criminal trial [ public defender ]

2 mos. later less than a mile from home [ lagrange Park ]
in a Howard Johnson,s coffee shop,by chance encounter,
act of God,I met the killer and had coffee with him.
he is a low life,woman hater and is a " Dead Ringer " for
the lady in Schaumburg, made who was abducted at knife point and sexually assaulted.

I,d wager a kings ransom 5 wks. later this crudd ball
brutally raped and knifed to death a pretty and popular
Glen Ellyn girl. [ 1985 unsolved homocide ]

I spent 1 night in the Dupage County Jail and ruled out and eliminated my self with forensic,in her death.

The Schaumburg police are telling everyone I,am a Rapist
and a Murderer. [Lies and nonsense]

" OUT for Justice "



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