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Do You Want To Stop Yucca Mountain?

let's do something about it!
By now it is apparent to me that writing my politicians and signing petitions wasn't enough to stop Yucca Mountain from being the nation's burial site for nuclear waste. I now have the feeling I didn't resist it at all. I did what I was told, and nothing changed. I could give up or I could take action. The choice is mine.

What kind of action could stop Yucca Mountain? The Yucca Mountain plan involves every nuclear power plant in the country, and most interstates and railroad tracks-- which go through small towns and big cities. Yucca Mountain affects everyone. I could organize and inform people around the hazards of nuclear waste traveling through their back yards.

What kind of actions would actually stop the trains and trucks? If people in five towns along the nuclear sludge routes placed their bodies on the tracks and interstates, the nuclear sludge would stop! What if people in five cities and 30 towns stood together with their arms locked when the trains and trucks came?

Shove it back in our politician's faces: One Spill is Too Many!



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