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LAPD Seizes LA videographer What's happening to Mitchell Crooks?

ClassWar 11:23pm Thu Jul 11 '02

The videographer of the police beating of the 16 year old minor is now in police custody over some alleged "outstanding warrents" from a few years back.
The arrest occured outside of the CNN headquarters by undercover police while the whistleblower was waiting for a televised interview upstairs. Mitchell's arrest was also videotaped as he was seen and heard screaming and pleading for someone to "help" him. He had previously expressed tremendous fear of being apprehended and retaliated against by law-enforcement due to the video he filmed and made public. Apparently, his nightmare seems to be coming true as these words get typed.

Mitchell Crooks, 27, the tourist who videotaped the Inglewood, Ca. police officer (Jeremy Morse) ruffing up the 16 year old from his motel window has been arrested for the all-too-ominous crime of jaywalking...which Mitchell's lawyer claims never happened. Of course this takes place as the young man awaits his interview on CNN, in fact, just minutes before the interview was scheduled to begin.
Mitchell Crooks, who's already appeared on various corporate media outlets, did a radio show early thursday explaining his view of the story, as the District Attorney (check resources for his name) came on the air and essentially ordered Mitchell to appear before court as he was being given a sopoena(sp) as well as being ordered to provide his home address. These orders were given *on the air*. Crooks immediately hung up the phone.

Hours later, he's now in police custody, no doubt undergoing a very traumatic experience as many "whistleblowers" of police brutality have been made to endure.

He was terrified of potential police retaliation, the likes of which he is most likely suffering through right now.

Activists MUST stand up for this brave man and his human and constitutional rights. I hope something is or will soon be underway in order to defend Mitchell Crooks, who should be considered an inspiration to people who witness police abuse.

We must NOT let Mitchell be forgotton, ever.



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