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Open Letter to Board of StreetWise

The Religious Community Stands Firmly by the Workers at StreetWise.
12 February, 2001

StreetWise Board of Directors

Pam McElvaine, President

via fax

Dear Ms. McElvaine:

We are writing to express our concern about the recent lockout of editorial staff at StreetWise. As an advertiser in StreetWise and people of faith sympathetic to your mission, we are particularly concerned about recent events.

The lockout of writers and editors on 6 February, 2001 goes against all standards of respect for workers’ rights and is disturbing to those of us in the religious community who actively support workers’ rights including the right to file grievances without fear of retaliation and organize when they feel working conditions require it.

We urge the StreetWise Board of Directors to guarantee no further retaliatory firings as workers bring grievances to your attention. We urge you to remain neutral if StreetWise employees choose to organize themselves.

We also urge you to begin a full investigation of the issues which the editorial staff raised; especially the working conditions of vendors and entry-level employees, retaliatory firings and under-staffing.

We believe that God has created us to work and to live healthy, meaningful lives by the fruits of our labor. We write to you in the trust that you will do all in your power to ensure dignity and respect for all the workers at StreetWise.

In peace,

Jean Darling, Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community

Member, Board of Directors

Rabbi Bruce Elder, Congregation Hakafa and Jewish Council on Urban Affairs

Member, Board of Directors

Rev. William Corcoran, St. Margaret Mary Parish

Member, Board of Directors

cc: Anthony Oliver, Peter Wilkins, Judd Horowitz, Rhiannon Schmieg, Greg Pritchett, Gail Waller, Zemira Jones, Bruce Crane, Congressman Danny K. Davis, Mark Blankenstein, Willa Holden, Bob Szafranksi, Dan Hynes



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