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Resign Mr. pRESIDENT

Subject: Resign Mr. pRESIDENT


I'm calling for George W Bush to resign.

If what the information comes to light, that Mr. Bush really did not get the most votes in Florida, he would not only would have lost the popular vote but would have also lost the election in Florida and the electoral college vote.

What happens if this information comes as a fact? vice pRESIDENT Dick Cheney should resign first. Then George W Bush should appoint J. Dennis Hastert as Vice President, the congress should ratify J. Dennis Hastert as Vice President and then George W Bush should resign as pRESIDENT.

J. Dennis Hastert would assume the presidency and then let the events unfold from there. We also hope that he would not seek election in 2004 and let the Republican Party choose another candidate to contest just like they had to do in 2000. Why does the Republican Party deserve incumbency?

In my view this would insure more legitimacy to our government than what happened in November, 2000. A version of this remedy happened in 1974 when Gerald Ford assumed the Presidency after Richard Nixon resigned because of his illegal acts.

As for Supreme Court Justices, the Democrats in the Senate should entertain no confirmations of any Supreme Court Justices in the next 4 years. Let's wait until after 2004 to allow the next legitimate elected President to select Supreme Court Justices instead of the other way around. :) We still have 9 and if one of two resign to go back to their sunny vacation land we will have 7 or 8 and the court can function fine temporarily with 7 or 8 for the next 4 years.

Get over it? No way. Instead of getting over it, we should get to the bottom of it.

Resign Mr. pRESIDENT. You don't even have a plurality but a plutocracy and a majority of 1 Supreme Court Justice.

In peace and nonviolence and resistance to the BushCoup,

Winston Smith

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