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Shanghaid in Schaumburg

18 yr. coverup,police corruption,riggted police lineup,
wrongful imprisonment,Kidnaping,rape and murder in the
Chicago suburbs

I,am a steel fabricator,swing a big sledge hammer,
know little and nothing of writing,computers and journalism.

From 10/83 to 4/85 I was blatantly and outrageously framed
[many dirty tricks and scare tactics in a bogus police
lineup] by over ambitious veteran police officers from
Schaumburg, in connection to a series of sexual assaults and Murders.

I served 5 mos. hard time in the Cook County Jail and
nearly got sentenced to 60 yrs. in prison on what amounted to be a very cruel " Hoax " by the Schaumburg Police.

I comptetely exonerated myself in a week long criminal trial. [ free lawyer ]

2 mos. later mid june 1985,by chance,twist of fate act of
God, miraculously I solved my own case by meeting the
killer in a Howard Johnson,s coffee shop less than a mile from home [ Lagrange Park Ill. ]
His name is "Allan" he is a low life and and is a
"Dead Ringer" for the Composite drawing the lady made in
Schaumburg hours after she was abducted and sexually
assaulted. I was Stunned !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I,d wager a kings ransom 5 wks. later this creep Raped and
knifed to death a little Glen Ellyn Ill. girl.[7/85
unsolved homocide]
To avoid embarassment,politics,etc. this low life is allowed to assault and Murder young women at random.

The Schaumburg Police are telling everyone I,am a Rapist and a Murderer. [ lies and nonsense ]

I,ve been after the Schaumburg Police for 16 yrs.

" Sue the Bastarsd Blind "



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