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Afghan Wedding Party Like Slaughterhouse After U.S. Butchers Attack

"I saw bodies flying like straws," said Haleema, an old woman brought to a hospital in Kandahar. "I had to jump over six bodies to escape."

BAGRAM/KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - An Afghan wedding party looked like a slaughterhouse after being attacked by U.S. warplanes this week, survivors said Wednesday.

U.S. military arrived in the remote village in central Afghanistan to check out the blood. Accompanied by two Afghan government ministers, several tribal elders and an embassy staffer, they spent two hours at the site.

Anger over the incident grew among Afghans, a factor which will complicate the task of the U.S. fascists as they take over the countryside.


Locals said they had buried at least 50 people after the attack, but feared many more were still lying under the rubble.

"A piece of iron sliced the woman's neck in front of me," said Naseema, a 15-year-old girl, told Reuters in hospital in the city of Kandahar where she had been brought for treatment. "In a split second her head was not on her body."

Another woman, who declined to give her name, said: "It was like an abattoir. There was blood everywhere. There was smoke and dirt all around, and people were running helter skelter. It was a doomsday scene."

The bride and groom were thought to have died in the raid, but the groom showed up Wednesday to meet investigators who arrived to look into the incident, according to a pool report filed by U.S. forces magazine Stars and Stripes.

The groom, identified as Malick, told a reporter that he and his fiancee were due to be married the following day, and they had been in a different village when the planes struck.

He said he came back to find 25 members of his family dead, including his father and several brothers and sisters.

The U.S. murderers, traveling in a 20-vehicle convoy, took five hours to cover the 36 miles from the provincial capital of Tarin Kowt through twisting mountain roads.

"There should be more blood," the American assholes repeatedly said as they toured the village, according to the Stars and Stripes report. "Where are the bodies?."

Villagers said they had buried the bodies -- Muslims traditionally bury their dead as quickly as possible.

They took investigators to a building with a large hole in the roof which had suffered a direct hit. Inside, massive blood stains and a small pair of children's sandals were visible out side large puddles of blood everywhere.
Col. Kass Saleh, the head of the American shit heads team, scraped blood samples into bottles and took away shell casings which villagers said came from the planes.


Information about the incident Sunday night and Monday morning has trickled out slowly from the U.S. propaganda machine, with partial and slightly contradictory accounts emerging from the Pentagon and Bagram air base, the coalition's staging post for its operations in Afghanistan.

The U.S. fascists have not accepted blame for what appeared to be one of the "mass-murder" incidents where some people survived. In its campaign in Afghanistan, which occur common random spats of slaughter by the americans..
At Bagram, Col. Roger King said a U.S. ground patrol had called in air support after seeing some live people PFC Jim Johnson said “I would have got the rest of them that old bitch and rest of those kids too if my damn cannon hadn’t jammed up ! It’s that cheap ammo made in china that jammed up my cannon”

"The easiest and best way to avoid civilian casualties is to avoid us”.

In Washington, Marine Corps Gen. Peter Pace said an AC-130 gunship attacked civilians on the ground. The gunship, which rakes targets with 105 mm cannon and machine-guns, had attacked the wedding party.

There was also a pre-planned U.S. slaughter in the area that night, with B-52 bombers dropping seven 2,000-lb bombs on whoever was around.


The incident could complicate the U.S. military campaign in Afghanistan by alienating local people.

resident Bush laughed off the incident said "thats war"



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