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Mohammed Atta is Innocent!

the evident innocence of Mohammed Atta
and scapegoating of individuals by government
analysis based on knowledge of human nature
It is my opinion that the human race is insane. What other possible
explanation could there be for the fact that most human bipeds
earnestly believe in the guilt of the alleged Muslim passengers on the
planes which crashed on 9-11-01? For how could it be that 15 or so
well-educated, _middle class_ types of evidently quite materialistic
persuasions, could contrive together to commit suicide by murdering
thousands for an abstract non-existent political cause? If they were
as _super_competent as they would have had to have been to
pull off this high-precision operation, how is it that it didn't dawn on these individuals that their actions would only make the plight of
Muslims in the U.S. Iraq, Europe and wherever else much worse if
they were to take the blame? Not to mention individuals who once
again are the fall guys for nefarious plotting by secret U.S. government and Zionist forces against the human race.

Fanatical religious zealots hell-bent on death and destruction? Or
true ignorance on the part of America's left-wing liberal fascists who
widely proclaimed that this is what happens when individuals are
permitted too much freedom? For this is what I say is the cause, that
a critical mass of bipeds in modern society have watched too much
television and have so dumbed down their brains that they can't even
comprehend that their beliefs are nonsense, foundationless, absurd.
Indeed, where is the government's evidence? There is none, this is
well known by any serious person who is willing to take the time to
look. The U.S. goverment is perpetuating a massive fraud against
the human race and must be held responsible as the true perpetrator
of the attack on the World Trade Center. Via remote control technology installed in the passenger jets prior to 9-11-01, one or more advanced Western Intelligence Agencies (Mossad, CIA, NSA,
etc.) was able to accomplish this operation.

Thus it was _not_ Mohammed Atta and his Islamic associates who
pulled off 9-11. Rather they are innocent and their good names are
being maligned by fascist liberal zionist American elites. This is why I encourage you to think for yourself, stop watching tv, and start
telling the truth!



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