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Scientists Warn Of Serious Global Cooling.

size=+2>Scientists Warn of Global Cooling.
Scientist John Daly [ href=""> ]  has
warned that the Scientific Data collected on Antarctica [SEE the NASA Godard
Institute  href="">
]  clearly confirms that Antarctica is cooling by degrees and that Ice is
accumulating. This accumulation has resulted in the breakup of several huge
Antarctic Ice sheets.

Antarctica is one huge
glacier, moving slowly from the center and falling off the edges as ice
accumulates, the cooling of the climate there seems to have accelerated this

Antarctica is a sensitive
indicator of the Earth's weather and this cooling is evidence that Earth is
entering a new Ice Age and drastic measures must be taken to avoid this
impending catastrophe.

John Daly and thousands
of other Scientists [ href="">
] point out that the computer models on which The Kyoto Protocol is solely
based do not guarantee that dramatically increasing the burning of fossil
fuels will cause Global Warming to counteract the ice age and that other
measures are urgently needed to mitigate this impending Global

( In case you think
I'm serious - this is a satire on the global warming rubbish put out by the
greenies - Antarctica is cooling - but nobody knows yet what the world's
climate is doing - it remains completely unpredictable.

Ice shelves have
broken off Antarctica in a continuum for millions of



Forced to Recant by the Green Inquisition




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