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Two Americans, One Brit Kidnapped By Israeli Troops

Men Held Near Nablus For Two Days
WEST BANK-- Brian Dominick, Eric Levine, and Peter Blacker walked up to a checkpoint outside Nablus at four in the afternoon on July 1, hoping to enter the West Bank city to do volunteer human rights and medical work.

They all reached their intended destinations within the occupied city. But not before they and two Palestinian men were “kidnapped,” as Dominick says, by the Israeli Defense Forces for two full days.

Soldiers stopped the two Americans (Dominick and Levine, a volunteer medic and activist with International Solidarity Movement respectively) and one British man (Blacker, also a volunteer medic) when they tried to enter the city, which was then under complete curfew. The soldiers directed the three, along with the unnamed Palestinians, to a house that had been occupied by the army, and placed them in a small unfinished room.

There were no arrest warrants. No criminal charges. No apparent reason for their detention.

And notably, no phone calls to consulates or family, and no explanation given for the confinement.

The room, which had no roof, offered no refuge from the mid-day sun or the nighttime cold, and the men were served only one meal a day. Dominick, a volunteer emergency medic from New York, said that the soldiers exchanged insults with the prisoners. “They told us they would shoot us if we left,” he also stated.

Soldiers released the men at 4 PM on July 3 at a checkpoint south of Nablus. Blacker, Levine, and Dominick entered Nablus on foot with no further problems. The two medics proceeded to the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committee. Levine, meanwhile, was due to fly home to America, and thus left the West Bank.

An ISM press release from July 3 stated, “The Israeli Army has thus far not given either the ISM or consular officials any explanation as to why these men were abducted, treated inhumanely and held incommunicado for two days.” Dominick also noted that it appears that the soldiers had not officially “arrested” them and did not record information about the men, making the story impossible to independently confirm via the IDF.



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