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Chicago Critical Mass Auto Show Protest Ride

Join Chicago Critical Mass in peacefully protesting the environmental and human damage due to over-dependence on the private automobile. Unlike cigarette companies, car makers are not held responsible for the harm they do. Help educate car-show attendees about alternative modes of transportation.
At noon on Saturday, Feb. 10, cyclists will gather at Daley Plaza, Washington & Dearborn, and ride to McCormick Place to protest the Chicago Auto Show. We'll use banners,
mimes, signs, street theater, fliers, and other
creative educational and nonviolent methods to call attention to the human and environmental damage done by their products. Then, at 6pm, the 4th Annual Chicago Critical Mass Bicycle Art Show opens at the Century 900 Gallery, 202 S. State, 9th Floor. The show celebrates the beauty of the bicycle as the most efficient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation ever devised. Performance and live music. Be there!



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