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RTS website "conveniently" down - Cointelpro?

The reclaim the streets website is 'conveniently' down. Could this be related to Cointelpro? Also, directoins to the rts as an alternate to the fallen website.
THE RECLAIM THE STREETS WEBSITE IS DOWN. This is a very "conveninent" time for the website to go down. It is more than likely that it has been hacked into by the FBI or other goons and/or shut down via cointelpro. This is just a theory - but a very likely one. However! the party will go on even though some people wont get the info via website - it will get to them via decentralised communication - for this i rely on you people to call everyone you know and tell them that reclaim the streets is this saturday at 7pm across the street from naperville central high school in aurora. DIRECTIONS!!! - It is in the West suburbs of Chicago so you take 290 there - then, take 355 south (it'll say northwest suburbs) to ogden, go west (right) on ogden, and left on washington. Its going to be awesome! see you on the streets in naperville after the dyke march in chicago!



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