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The Phantom Menace?

$11 BILLION Proof that Bush & co. could not have "NOT KNOWN" about 9-11.
$11 BILLION Proof that Bush & co. could not have "NOT KNOWN" about 9-11.

The Phantom Menace?

Proof that in the 8 Clinton years it didnt happen cause they were on TOP of things."David Stockwell, a spokesman for the National Security Council, says the administration is following a philosophy of better safe than sorry. "You have to plan for what an enemy is likely to do, but also for what is the worst thing he can do," he says. "I think the administration would prefer that 10 years from now someone says, 'Well, they did too much.'"

Proof that Bush and co. had an $11 BILLION budget a year for counterterrorism that the Clinton years built up to make sure it didnt happen under HIS watch.Bush & sons not only knew ,they made SURE it happened.$11 BILLION is proof that Bush & Sons. could not have "NOT KNOWN" about 9-11.

With $11 BILLION a year budget for counterterrorism there was NO WAY BIN BUSH (son ofa bush)could not have connected the dots.He had the whole plan in technicolor.

"Those "worst-case scenarios" have provided the military and defense agencies with a much-needed rationale to sustain high levels of spending in the wake of the Cold War. With so much money being spread around, virtually every agency of the U.S. government is fast developing an antiterrorism program to cash in. And in an ominous move, the Clinton administration has given the Pentagon and the FBI sweeping new powers that threaten to erode civil liberties. Counterterrorism laws have allowed the FBI to expand surveillance of American dissidents and U.S. backers of Third World guerrilla groups, while U.S. armed forces have set up special commands that enable uniformed soldiers to erect domestic roadblocks, make arrests, and engage in house-to-house searches in response to an alleged terrorist act or threat."

"No agency has benefited as much as the FBI. Under the Clinton administration, the bureau's antiterrorism budget has soared from $78 million to $609 million, while the number of agents devoted to counterterrorism has jumped from 550 to nearly 1,400. Twenty percent of the FBI's budget now goes to fight terrorism, up from just four percent in 1993. The money has paid for a Counterterrorism Center that works closely with its CIA equivalent, five Rapid Deployment Teams featuring airlift capability, a federal clearinghouse for information on government response to terrorism, and a brand-new counterterrorism division at FBI headquarters."

"Other federal agencies have carved off smaller but significant slices of the antiterrorism pie. This year alone, seven separate agencies -- FEMA, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the departments of Defense, Justice, Energy, Veterans Affairs, and Health and Human Services -- are spending $611 million to train and equip local and state police, fire departments, and emergency medical teams. In all, budgets for such "domestic preparedness" programs have skyrocketed from $42.6 million in 1997 to $1.3 billion this year."

I'd LOVE your comments.Killer article.

Bear in mind this was written in September 2000, BEFOREBUSH stole the WhiteHouse and turned it into the WhiteLiesHouse.

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