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Racist talk by George W and Rush L

Many more Palestinians have been killed by terrorism. It is racist to only talk about the killing of Israelis
Yesterday to the dismay of most people in the world, the speech given by President Bush regarding his Middle East policy showed one thing--that he is firmly in the pockets of the Israeli lobby. Also yesterday, Rush Limbaugh in the few minutes that I heard, said that Palestinian terrorism had killed thousands of Israelis (a lie). Nothing was said by either about the many Palestinians killed by Israeli Jews.

Unlike Rush, Bush at least said that the Palestinian people had suffered from the occupation. But like Rush, Bush could not bring himself to admit that a single Palestinian has been killed by the inhumane occupation.

Bush and Rush both ignore that in the past 20 months 1720 Palestinians and 550 Israelis have been killed in this conflict. Most of those killed on both sides have been civilians, as is the case in all modern wars. That Bush, or anyone would cry over the killing of Israelis, and on the other hand be silent on the killing of Palestinians is sheer racism. All of us should condemn the widespread terrorism on both sides.

Sadly, Bush failed to condemn Israeli terrorism, the current illegal settlements, the daily violations of UN and Geneva Convention regulations. He failed to point out the continued stealing of Palestinians lands with the building of new fences that encroach over the Green line. He failed to ask for the end of all settlements, and he failed to propose any solution for the rights of Palestinians to return to homes that were stolen or destroyed.

Incredibly Bush spells out what the Palestinian needed to do, to become a Democracy, while ignoring steps that have already been taken in that direction by Arafat. Then he further insults Palestinians by telling them that they can only vote for someone acceptable to him and Sharon.

This whole plan is a joke. It main purpose is to give Sharon a U.S. hunting license and more time to steal Palestinian lands. In a Democracy free people have a right to elect their own leaders.

If corrupt American politicians were not owned by the Israeli lobby they would vote against all military aid for this murderous occupation. Certainly America has many social problem of our own that could use these billions of dollars more sensibly.




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