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Panel proposes U.S. National Homeland Security Agency

Bipartisan panel proposes creation of a new National Homeland Security Agency (NHSA)

New National Security Police Agency Proposed

(excerpted from Reuters story)

A bipartisan U.S. study group-- the Commission on National Security/21st Century -- proposed the creation of a new National Homeland Security Agency (NHSA), whose director would be a member of the president's cabinet. The NHSA would integrate responsibilities now belonging to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Coast Guard, the Customs Service and the Border Patrol. Also, the commission urged that the National Guard ``be given homeland security as its primary mission, as the U.S. Constitution itself ordains.''

"We decided that the most serious problem this nation faces isn't China or North Korea (news - web sites). It's right here at home,'' said retired Gen. Charles Boyd, executive director for the congressionally-funded study that recommended the creation of the NHSA. The panel was co-chaired by two former senators, Republican Warren Rudman of New Hampshire and Democrat Gary Hart of Colorado. Over two years, it undertook the most comprehensive review of U.S. national security in more than half a century. ``We believe dramatic action must be taken by this government immediately'' to address the problems highlighted in the report, Hart told a news conference.



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