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SAVE STREETWISE!: An Urgent Action Alert!

Write, email, fax and call Streetwise board members to express support for staff, demand an end to the lockout, and ask why the board has failed to meet their legal obligation to respond to staff grievances. PLUS: protest at the Board's meeting, Tues., Feb. 13, 5-7 PM, outside StreetWise offices, 1331 S. Michigan Ave.
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Tues., Feb. 13, from 5pm-7pm (Board meeting starts at 6pm)
Outside of StreetWise newspaper, 1331 S Michigan Ave.
Further details TBA

SUPPORT THE VENDORS by buying the paper, placing a large “X” in marker over the cover, and returning the paper to StreetWise management with a note expressing your discontent with management actions.

CONTACT THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ANTHONY OLIVER and cc any communication to streetwise_action (at)

StreetWise staff are asking supporters to contact the Board of Directors, listed below, to ask why they have not acted on grievances filed Jan 8 by former Editor in Chief Jalyne Strong and why they have also failed to react to the illegal firing of Strong on Jan 12.

Please express your support for the current editorial staff and express your concern about the fact that staff has been locked out, banned from the building and relieved of their keys. StreetWise protocol says that Board President Pam McElvaine must respond to all grievances; in both the case of Strong and in calls staff made this morning (Feb. 7) other Board members said they could not talk until McElvaine made a statement. McElvaine has refused to return calls and certified letters. Also please contact Anthony Oliver, the executive director of StreetWise, about these issues.

Briefly, Strong was illegally fired after filing grievances alleging unfair labor practices, financial mismanagement and other charges. On Feb 5, members of the editorial and administrative staff sent a letter to the Board of Directors demanding the Board place Oliver on leave and initiate an investigation. On Feb. 6, editor Charity Crouse and production chief Allan Gomez were locked out of the building; in effect fired. There is an unconfirmed statement that all signers of the letter and other staff members have also been fired.

For more information contact Allan Gomez at 773-275-9561, alxav (at) or Kari Lydersen at 773-544-0804, Karilyde (at)

List of Board of Directors and senior management:

Executive Director Anthony Oliver
312-554-8341 or 312-554-0060
Fax: 312-554-0770
aoliver (at)

Board of Directors: (NOTE! Please double-check email and fax #'s and advise us of corrections in the comment section below. Thanks!)

President Pam McElvaine
Black MBA Magazine
312-236-2622 ext. 8276
Fax: 312-236-2631
pam (at)

Vice President Peter Wilkins
iBEAM Broadcasting
Fax: 773-281-9850
pwilkins (at)

Treasurer Judd Horowitz
Fax: 847-677-9331
juddrhcpa (at)

Secretary Rhiannon Schmieg
Fax: 847-605-4356
rhiannon.schmieg (at)

Vendor Rep Greg Pritchett
Fax: 312-554-0770

Gail Waller
Fax: 312-642-3547
gailwaller (at)

Zemira Jones
ABC Radio President and General manager
Fax: 312-782-6349

Bruce Crane
Crane Carton Company
Fax: 773-722-3510
brucec (at)

Congressman Danny K. Davis
Fax: 773-533-7530

Mark Blankenstein
Fax: 425-799-4336
markb4 (at)

Willa Holden
United Airlines
Fax: 847-364-0103
willa.holden (at)

Bob Szafranski
PCI Communications
Fax: 312-558-5425
bszafranski (at)

Dan Hynes
State Comptroller
Fax: 312-814-4682
Mandecj (at)



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