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The Amalgamation of the Bodies of Truth

to be divine is to be dedicated to truth

if any church is to find redemption it must completely
no longer be dictated to by capitalism--- and the only
rule ever posted to read 'love'

it is the responsibility of the servants of God to be
perpetually inclusive- for it is in being welcoming
that the truth of God will be seen

it is our responsibility to suggest truth and, in
humility, dedicate ourselves to the articulation of
God's will- which is freedom and love

teach God through the giving of self, first and always
remember that there is no mystery in divinity

give the people a place to stay, without having to
sign anything, for however long they choose and you
will gain their trust- give the people knowledge of
true freedom and they will come to know why we are
referred to as 'being in God's image'... let
inspiration riegn

the highest discipline is forgivness
to master forgiveness one must master empathy- because
it is through empathy that we find that there are no
enemies (only children that don't know better)

we are all to be as Christ- know this as true
know that there are no countries
know that it is better to be homeless than angry
don't be afraid

... and also know that the cows forgive- because, like
us, they are God too--- it is the long hard road, but
keep in mind that we have all the time in the world if
our intent is good


I speak knowing I am God
I speak knowing that I am the source of honour

judge me, but judge me true- I claim to be divine- the
onnis(sp?) is on you to deduce divinity

there is only one commandment- love; love until the
shell ceases, without fear or anger, being most
productive towards happiness until you can vibrate no

and stuff...,


David Arthur Johnston



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