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I had a cheese steak and a couple of beers from Rick's Pub yesterday. Today for lunch, I had pork and mushrooms. The pork caused explosive diareah. It was pretty rank. I felt the rumblings at my desk. I made my way to the bathroom as quickly as I could. I could not take full strides, cause I was afraid I would shit myself right there. I get to the bathroom and the cleaning lady is in there! Fuck! I waddle down to the next bathroom and barely make it. I sit down and liquid shoots from my butt. It made a gnarly splashing sound as it impacted the back of the toilet. It felt good. I had a lot of gas and it was very rank, it smelled like sulfur. Someone walked in the the bathroom adn walked right back out. The turd soup was yellow-ish in color and naturally had no form. Clean up was kind of a mess but not as bad as you would think. I rate this as a 5. (It gets points subtracted for lack of form, but gains some back due to overall experience and smell)



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