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Chicago IMC Reporter Arrested at US Mayor's Conference

Chicago IMC Reporter arrested at US Mayor's Conference
A reporter for the Chicago Independent Media Center was arrested while covering a parade that was part of the US Mayor’s Conference in Madison. At least one other parade-goer was also arrested.

According to a Madison IMC reporter, the group was proceeding non-violently past the Red Gym towards the UW Memorial Union, when suddenly somebody shouted "Go! Go! Go!"

According to a reporter for the Madison IMC, the first person arrested was a woman who was dragged across the street and handled roughly by State Troopers.

According to Madison IMC reporter, Kristian Knutson, a reporter with the Chicago IMC, named Chris Kihatsu was arrested by near the University Mall.

A legal observer, Jennifer Tobin reported that there were about a hundred State Troopers. The Mall was the end point for a parade that was overseen by the Madison Police Department went off without any incident.

According to Knutson, Kihatsu was arrested for taking pictures while standing on the curb. The somebody had pointed and said, "he's the one," and police moved in and took him away.

However, a fellow Chicago IMC reporter, Suzanna Kim said that Kihatsu did not have a camera.

Legal observers were dispatched to the scene to attend to those who were arrested.

Kahatsu was reportedly arrested near the Memorial Union where there was to be a social for the US Mayor’s Conference.

At about the same time the arrests occurred the Internet connection for the Madison IMC also went down.



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