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Distress Flag - June 14, July 4 etc etc

Display the Distress Flag. It's the US flag up-side down. Let people know that you're distressed about what's going on in this country. Show its still our flag!
I saw a 3 x 4 inch flag decal up in the back window of a pickup truck. on the drivers side.
The flag was upside-down.

That hit me very hard.
The upside-down flag is the universal distress call.

Here was a good ol' boy whose flag told me that he's an American who is distressed about what's going on in this country.

The ultra-right wingers who are attempting to hi-jack this nation, its values & its symbols -- have been trying to rally all people to a "United We Stand" - as if any divergence of opinion are criminal.

Did you notice that the number of people displaying flags on their cars has petered down?

Flag Day is Friday June 14th.
Think about displaying an upside-down flag.
Those flag decals are everywhere.

I'm attaching a small graphic you can use in your emails.
I also recommend
You can copy an icon into Paint as a bitmap file .bmp & then flip it. reduce its size.
(Windows. Accessories. Paint. Image. Flip/Rotate)

I'm going to put this flag into my email signature.




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