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I Was Censored -- Please Take My Place & Confront the Racists on Their Own Site!

A few days ago on, someone posted information (under the title "people who hate") about a hate-fomenting anti-immigrant website and their on-line discussion group. I visited the website, read their stuff and let them know what I think about their paranoid calls for a "race war," etc. Suddenly, without advance warning or discussion, the webmaster of this "free discussion" site BANNED my ID Number, so I can read, but not write! Just goes to show I was getting to them ... Now its your turn!

Now its your turn! Go there and let them know what you think about their censorship and the insecurity it reveals in their own beliefs.

Ask them, for me, "What's the point of a discussion forum when people are censored if they disagree?" And ask them why they DON'T censor other material, such as the people on the site who continually refer to Mexicans and other immigrants as "vermin." (I'm the writer who was using the name "Zapatista," not because I really claim to be one, but I wanted to see if any of the right-wingers had even heard of the Zaps.)

I will be really appreciative if even a few Indymedia folks take a few minutes to go to the CCIR site and put your voice in -- at least until they ban you also. I can still LOOK at the page (I've been muted, but not yet blinded), so I'll check in later and see how long you folks last in this "free discussion" before they censor you too!

Its rhetorical warfare, so GO GIVE 'EM HELL -- Go to:




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