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Quebec Update: Activists denied entry into Canada.

Chicago IMC Quebec Update: 10 activists from the Urban Justice Center, NYC Direct Action Network, NYC Ya Basta Collective and the Independent Media Center traveling north by van to Quebec to attend the CLAC-CASA "consulta" were denied entry into Canada on Jan. 26
For those wondering:

On Jan. 26, ten New York City based activists traveling by
van to Quebec City, to take part in the CLAC and CASA sponsored "consulta"- meetings designed to facilitate
coordination between Canadian and US activists for the
upcoming FTAA summit in April-were denied entry into Canada.

The contingent included members of the Urban Justice
Center, NYC Direct Action Network, NYC Ya Basta!
Collective, and the Independent Media Center.

Canadian border officials, upon refusal of entry, proceeded
to search the van, without consent, and went about the
collection and copying of documents relating to the organization of resistance to the FTAA. At no time did these activists give consent to any actions on the part of the Customs officials.

Based on this and other reported incidents, several points
should be considered:

One: US activists wishing to travel to Quebec City in April
will certainly fall upon a border heavily sentried and surveyed. Access to Canada by interstate highway will almost certainly lead to refusal of entry.

Two: However, chances of admittance will be increased
depending on how "normal" certain people tend to look, as
well as factors such as numbers in group,time of crossing,
or obvious signs of political activism.

Three: As impractical as it may sound, leave political
writings, flyers, banners and such at home, or send them via postal mail to contacts in Canada, as these items will
surely "give one away" in the possible scenario of a search
at customs.

Four: Your chances of entry will also be increased if you
travel alone, well dressed, possibly by train or bus (such
as Greyhound). Destinations other than Quebec City should be a priority, such as Montreal or Toronto.

Five: Have a well thought out story, or a live contact in
one of these cities, who can give "credibility" to your

Six: Just don't go. Put your energy into a border action

One final comment: Just prior to leaving the border and
returning south, one customs official remarked with
cynicism, "It is my job to protect the Canadian economy".

NYC Ya Basta! Collective



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