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proof of complicity exists, so use it

use the proof
To break through an enemy's line, concentrate your forces on the weakest points.
In the case of the US government's use of terrorism against the American public, there are 2 points we should be throwing everything but the kitchen sink at:

1. The fact that the Afghan war and the whole "war on terrorism" had been planned in advance. This can be proved beyond question, since the plan for the war in Afghanistan had been reported in the Indian media in June 2001, and since the National Security Presidential Directive containing the plan for the "war on terrorism" had been passed to the White House on September 9th. This latter fact has been hardly picked up by anyone, though it is clearly highly compelling;

2.the fact that the anthrax traced back to the U.S.'s own secret military supplies. The continuing tendency, not least among those who profess to be thinking critically about this whole thing, to neglect what is nothing less than irrefutable forensic proof of involvement from within the most hidden depths of the "military-industrial complex" shows how ineffective we have learned to be in our own defence.
The number 1 piece of grafitti going up in US cities right now should be "who sent the anthrax?". Instead people are even following the media and referring to the terrorism as "9-11" etc., as if they actually believe the bioterrorism was a seperate phenomenon.

We are being distracted by people waving inconclusive scraps of semi-evidence when we already have rock solid proof. One of the above on its own would make US government complicity almost certain. Together, there is no question about it. These are the things they do not want us to talk about.
I'm not saying other evidence should be ignored. On the contrary, on my website I deal with other evidence, of which there is a great deal. But its a question of focussing effectively on the most crucial facts.
Its time we stopped fucking about over this and started getting serious. The US government has started to use terrorism against its population, like the Italian did against its in the 70's, and really like the Russian government began doing in 1999.
They really have.
And since it is working, since it is enabling them to do what they like, anywhere in the world, they are not going to stop.
We've already spent too long waiting for the final straw of evidence. That evidence is already there. We need to start using it like we mean it.



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