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News from Alex Jones (WWW.INFOWAR.COM)
Bush created a military coup the other night. So him and his daddy and Ollie North are having fun playing ruler now! And we have the KGB here now running things. And the Russians have our democracy, which means the mafia is running around stealing organs from people, and giving to the rich and powerful (mostly bureaucrats all over the world, the good asskissers and bootlickers, the ones that are friends to the rich and powerful, they get the organs and other "goodies" from the people, the masses, th eones that aren't friends and asskissers to the big groupthinkers. So I feel safe now. And it's just too much fun for me to think about. So, instead of vacations all over the universe, which is where humanity could be if we didn't give all our money and brains to the governments, we get to play cops and robbers, so the bureucrats get to boss us around and have fun with us, watching us with their cameras and jacking off and drooling and flying helicopters around. And we just sit here, trying to have some fun, trying to survive, while they are flying around. Why are they flying around in helicopters? Cause they are good bootlickers and asskissers. We are just doing all the work. WE have the brains and are not lazy. So we get punished for that. Look at Bill Gates. See how they punish him for his brains - just like Ayn Rand said they would. And now since we give them 70% of our hard-earned money (which the IRS is part of that FBI, CIA consolidated plan of Bush's) - think what they can do with our money. I'd rather have some fun, some parties (their parties are even negative, with Eyes Wide Shut activity) - they don't even know how to have fun (like Cyndi Lauper). So we have a bunch of negative, fucked up people running things. The only way the know how to have fun, cause they got no brains, that's why they are in government, they got no brains! So these fucks that got no brains, and are too lazy to do real work - these fucks are runningl things! Going around fucking with the people with brains and productivity! Nice system - and they steal our 70% with guns! Real nice guys! Sounds like a mafia racket to me!



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